Afro Contemporary Youth Dance

Afro Contemporary Youth Dance, also known as ACYD, is a dynamic Western Sydney based dance troupe made up of young people aged 12-21.

This group emerged from the Dancing in Harmony Project – a STARTTS community and cultural development initiative, aimed at enhancing the connections between Sydney’s African refugee communities and the wider Australian community.  By sharing their cultures through dance, ACYD have gone from strength to strength and have established themselves as performers and artists in their own right.

Their energy filled performances combine traditional African movement with contemporary dance!

Photo credit: John Paul Lopez Taberdo

Colombian Cultural and Folkloric Organisation & Chimimeros Folkloric Group

Colombian Cultural + chimimerosThe Colombian Cultural & Folkloric Organisation and Chirimeros Folkloric Group have been working together to preserve and promote the rich Colombian Folklore. They are sharing the magic of Latin American culture with other cultures of the world and encouraging a sense of harmony between all our cultures.

For the Afro Latino Festival, they will showcase the more representative rhythms of Colombia with African influence such as Cumbias, Mapale, Currulaos and Puyas.


Lucky_African Drum and Dance

Lucky African Drum and Dance brings together Master Musicians and dancers from all over West Africa to provide unique and engaging performances that draw on many cultures and art forms.

Lucky African drum and dance celebrate African culture in Australia through music, rhythms and dance.  They perform and teach around Australia and have taught people of all ages and abilities to drum and dance and to connect to the beauty and spirit of African music and dance, and also to create understanding across all cultures by sharing the beauty and natural power of African music and dance.

Brisas del Peru


Brisas Del Peru originated in 2007 with 8 dancers.  Their successful participation locally and interstate has given Brisas Del Peru a good reputation and to date now has 23 dancers.

Brisas Del Peru is well known within the Latin American and Australian communities having participated in many community and social events.

King Parrot Bloco de Samba

King parrot bloco de samba

Traditional Brazilian samba as it is played in the Rio Carnival. Rio samba has its origins in Africa, brought to Brazil by slaves. For many years the authorities tried to suppress Afro-Brazilian drumming and dancing. However, as Carnival grew in popularity, so did samba. Eventually the European authorities came to accept Afro-Brazilian music and incorporated it into the official Carnival. Now Carnival is all about samba and samba is now a unifying music for all Brazilians no matter their colour, religion or class. For more info click here



Samrawit will perform dances from various Ethiopian tribes. Samrawit is an Ethiopian word meaning ‘she who unites and unifies’ – we are committed to bringing all Ethiopian tribes together through our performances. We also want to share, show, educate everyone about our beautiful culture and dances, which bring a new element and vibe to live performance.

Latin Kaos

Latin Kaos

Latin Kaos was established in early 2008 and has been performing throughout all Sydney’s best venues.  Currently, Latin Kaos is working on a few original compositions to be released in early June 2014.

Latin Kaos will make you move with their rhythms and percussion fusion from their Latin American & Cuban roots!

Afro Kidz


AFRO KIDZ is an exciting children’s African dance troupe keeping the spirit of Africa alive in the next generation! Full of energy and incredibly adorable, this group of little dynamos has some very funky moves!

The group brings together 9 Afro-Aussie girls with backgrounds from all over Africa, ranging in age from 5 to 13 yrs old. Performing groovy moves by African Drum & Dance Sydney and wearing the colourful threads of Maisha Designs, the group inspire the celebration of African music, dance and culture.

Choreography: Rachel Bangoura, African Drum & Dance Sydney

Costume Design: Emma Jacobs, MAISHA

Comparsa Yauguru


Candombe is a Uruguayan music and dance style that was originated by African slaves. The rhythm comprises of three different drums: Chico, Repique and Piano. We will be showing each individual drum, the rhythm and dance which are so popular in Uruguay – especially in Carnaval time.

Sierra Sisters

Yarrie Bangura

Yarrie Bangura is one of the two Sierra Sisters band who have released numerous songs and have been featured on Triple J’s Unearthed. Their latest single Never Stop is available on ITunes.

In 2013, she made her professional theatre debut with The Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe at Riverside Theatre and Belvoir Theatre.

Yarrie also writes poetry and has performed her poetry on state occasions such as Refugee Week, community gatherings, video and theatre play.  She will delight Afro Latino Festival with her poetry and dance.

Please note that there are no ATMs on Festival site, closest ATMs are located in the Liverpool CBD or Casula Mall.